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       Vernon Hills Soccer Club

Game FAQs

Q: When are games played?

A: The majority of the games are scheduled on Saturday mornings, although some games may be scheduled for Sunday afternoons and weekday nights.

Q: Where are games played?

A: All games are played at the Vernon Hills Athletic Complex (“VHAC”).

Q: When do games start?

A: The first soccer games for the Spring season are tentatively scheduled for mid-April; the first Fall season games are tentatively scheduled to start early-September.

Q: How many games are there?

A: The Spring season is comprised of seven (7) games.  The Fall season is comprised of eight (8) games.

Q: When does the season end?

A: The Spring season is anticipated to run no later than the end of May.  The Fall season is anticipated to run no later than the end of October.

Q: How do I know if a game has been canceled due to weather?

A: VHAC field status can be found on our website home page.  The home page is updated prior to the start of the day’s games and update upon official field closure due to weather.  Games will also be suspended upon Thor-Guard warning.

Q: When are make-up games?

A: Dates during the season are reserved for make-up games.  Typically, these are Sundays during the season.  Reserved make-up dates are noted on the game schedule.